Datatrie offered consulting from October 2015 to January 2022. The following text is archival. Please do not contact us at present regarding consulting.

What we do

Datatrie network

We are a data-science consultancy offering assistance and solutions to machine learning problems in the public and private sectors. Many of our customers simply use our mobile application for quick assistance. If you want to go deeper, please inquire about any of the following:

- Customized mathematical models
- Improved algorithms for data insight
- A 12-week machine-learning teaching module

Datatrie helps organizations to find the value contained within your data, going beyond the methods of existing analytics technologies. Traditional software code is often unable to provide all of the insight you require, hence the need for custom solutions or advice based on years of research experience. We can help you to detect the kinds of patterns and anomalies that can be critical to achieving your desired successful outcome and to avoid problems. A system can either provide outputs to an analyst for action, or we can help you develop an automated system making such decisions itself. In brief, you will be able to create outcomes that are not possible with other technologies by making use of our expertise in applying machine learning techniques to data analytics.

An October 2015 article in Nature revealed that 29 different data science teams "obtained highly varied results" when presented with a simple problem. It matters who does the analysis. At the same time, more and more, your success as an organization relies upon efficient and accurate data analysis. Some of the world’s largest companies are simply more successful than the competition at processing data and generating understanding from them. These visionary organizations recognize the importance of data and insight in creating new opportunities and they know that they must adapt to survive. As data is so strategic and transformational, it has been described as the currency of the digital economy. Although we live in an age of big data, are you fully capitalizing on it? We look forward to discussing consultancy, classes or coding, to help sort your data issue.

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